Our Philosophy

Fabrics We Use

  • Cashmere


    Cashmere has been traditionally incorporated into refined, high-end items of clothing. All Ivory Blush cashmere products are made using the finest cashmere yarns, which are produced, knitted, dyed and pass quality control in Umbria, Italy. Bringing the highest quality cashmere goods to discerning clientele demands diligence regarding the sourcing of grade-A materials.

  • Leather


    A glove should be a thing of refinement, therefore, only 100% Italian superior-grade leather goes into the construction of our exquisite gloves. The luxuriously soft and figure-hugging nature of the fine Italian leather on the outer is sublimely complimented with a sumptuous inner lining of either  high-quality silk or luxurious cashmere. Ivory Blush deluxe, leather gloves are all expertly handmade in Italy.

  • Silk


    Our silk scarves are hand-made using pristine silk sourced from Como, Italy and may be tied around the head or worn around the neck. Many people assume that Milan is the place to venture for this sublime fabric, when in actual fact Como is the heart of silken history and production. Como is famous for supplying the highest quality silk, which is skilfully incorporated into the stylish and highly sought after designs of the world's premier fashion houses.

  • Cotton


    Here at IvoryBlush we believe that ladies clothing should be comfortable and stylish, as well as breathable and flattering. Therefore, we use only the finest natural cotton fibres in our products. Due to its high quality and versatility all year round, its a popular choice with our customers.

  • Scottish Wool

    Scottish Wool

    Used by fashion houses since the 1900’s, Scottish wool is a fabric that oozes elegance and luxury. The IvoryBlush AW collection aimed to encapsulate the history of Scottish wool, and put a modern day twist on the classic wool cape.

  • Tweed


    The IvoryBlush AW Tweed collection captures the essence of todays stylish woman. With products made from English tweed, as well as Linton Tweed - which was originally used by Chanel, each delicately handmade piece will make you feel your most elegant and beautiful.

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